CFDA and Clio Join to Spotlight Creativity in New Partnership

(Courtesy of CFDA)

It’s all about the business of style. Clio Fashion & Beauty recognizes the creative excellence behind the campaigns that continue to move that glossy, glamorous and groundbreaking world forward. Identifying the talent thriving throughout the most revered fashion and beauty brands incites exciting conversations about everything from runaway bride chic to meditating in flamingo prints.  

To usher in the future of innovation in an industry known to be on the aesthetic cutting edge, at the annual Clio Awards on September 28 Clio announced a partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) for the 2017 Clio Fashion & Beauty awards.

Founded in 1962, CFDA is a not-for-profit trade organization with a membership of more than 500 American designers.

Together, both organizations will collaborate to raise the visibility of the awards program and the creative minds behind the advertising that is moving these businesses forward. spoke with Marc Karimzadeh, editorial and communications director of CFDA, about the new venture.

How does CFDA’s outlook on creativity align with Clio Fashion & Beauty? 

Clio and the CFDA share a common goal, which is to celebrate creativity, and fashion and beauty play a role in both of our worlds. Some of the most visually arresting campaigns come out of the fashion industry.

By partnering with Clio, we can help identify and celebrate those campaigns. The CFDA has over 500 members, many of which advertise on a regular basis and have an impact on the advertising world through their innovative campaigns.

It seemed natural for us to partner as we look to the future of celebrating creativity in our fields.

What is the core value at the intersection of advertising and design?

It’s moving the eye and shifting the needle creatively, while remaining true to your ethos. You have fashion brands that constantly have to communicate how they evolve, but they can never forsake what they stand for. Finding that balance results in some of the best fashion advertising we have.

This year, that group of top fashion advertising includes Tom Ford’s Clio-winning campaign for the digital presentation of his Spring 2016 collection. 

What’s interesting to me about Tom Ford’s campaign is how he really hones in on what he stands for, which is sophisticated, glamourous and sexy. At the same time, I really appreciate how his campaigns appeal to a wide range of women, and men.

His innovative digital presentation for Spring-Summer 2016 directed by Nick Night underscored this. He merged fashion and music, and allowed us all to join Lady Gaga at this great party.

(Courtesy of Tom Ford)

Whether it’s the annual CFDA Fashion Awards or the Clio Awards, what is the value of industry-wide award shows in today’s landscape? 

Awards allow us to celebrate the best in our fields, which is always a great thing. They can motivate people to produce their best work. They also allow us to put a spotlight on the massive range of talent that we have, specifically here in America.

The more people know about how much talent there is and the more we can raise awareness of the level of creativity in our world, the better—whether it’s an emerging designer who is perhaps known only to fashion insiders or a creative person who is in the background but now gets the attention they deserve.


How does the CFDA uniquely spotlight creativity within the fashion community?

Highlighting talent takes different shapes and forms. We highlight the work of emerging talent through the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund and CFDA {Fashion Incubator}. We just launched CFDA+ on, which spotlights this year’s top fashion graduates from around the world.

We also do campaigns each New York Fashion Week; this season, we collaborated with Paper magazine on an outdoor campaign that celebrated diversity in fashion

What are some of the innovative trends you’re seeing in fashion advertising?

In these rapidly moving times, you get brands that are very much focused on honing in on and amplifying their DNA. They stand for something, and we see that in the way they communicate it through their advertising. Many designers and fashion brands are also adapting to the digital world, and how they can incorporate the power of digital into their brand messaging.

We’re going to see more of that, especially as social media has become so important in everyone’s lives. Not so long ago, advertising was considered to be a print medium; it’s now 360 degrees and includes social media channels and various forms of marketing that draw in bloggers and street style favorites. The fashion landscape is so much bigger than it once was.

Clio Fashion & Beauty is the only award to honor the best of creativity behind the business of style. It brings together an all-star jury of executives and personalities, from all walks of the industry, to identify the best work, and talent, that put the final gloss on the world’s most revered fashion and beauty brands.

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