For Coveteur’s Stephanie Mark, "A Well-Defined Sense of Self is Important"

Before it evolved into a multi-faceted luxury fashion and lifestyle company, Coveteur began as a website centered around peeking into the fashionable set’s closets. For Stephanie Mark, co-founder and head of business development, that inside glimpse has helped to inform her own style choices.

“When we started the site I would go into people’s closets and was so inspired, but trying to incorporate everything I saw wasn’t cohesive,” she says. “After about two or three years, the closets that were more inspiring to me were well edited and had a clear point of view. It inspired me to do the same thing for my own wardrobe.”

Mark now describes her more closely edited look as “preppy and pulled together,” with designers like AYR (“chic and well-made denim”) and Ellery (“has personality but with tailored pieces”) making frequent appearances.  

“For the people we shoot, having a well-defined sense of self is important; that helps them define their personal brand,” Mark says. “For me it’s almost the opposite; I’ll gravitate toward more muted pieces for myself because the brand is about the others on the site.”

Her go-to is typically a great pair of high-waisted wide-leg pants, which Mark called the “main attraction” of her outfit, and a black and white cropped tee ideal for “running around New York City, which is probably how a lot of people’s wardrobes are dictated,” she says. In summer, she gravitates toward Isabel Marant dresses with a touch of frill, sometimes paired with a blazer or silk jacket, to transition from meetings downtown to dinner. “Dressing like you have a meeting, even when you don’t, tends to set you up for success,” she notes. 

So does an individual sense of style, which runs the gamut at Coveteur—from preppy to avant-garde, anything goes. “The girls in the office, on their own accord, have an amazing sense of style. Coveteur is an office where a love of new designers and personal style is always encouraged,” Mark says.

It’s that passion that helps fuel creativity at Coveteur, whose business has expanded beyond closet tours to initiatives like its Ladies Who Launch series, focused on women making waves in the digital space. At this year’s SXSW, the brand partnered with rewardStyle + and Bumble to celebrate women entrepreneurs.

“We have been seeing a huge shift from straight-up photography to video content; specifically, we are creating video series for different partners. We’ve had discussions about incorporating VR into real-life events with clients that people can participate in. I think people are looking for new ways to connect with potential customers and activate more offline, even though we’re on online company.” To that end, fashion plays a vital role: “People use fashion as a way of expressing themselves. If you’re creative, it’s a way to translate your own personality and interests into the world.”  

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