By Creatives, For Creatives: The Adland Holiday Gift Guide

With the holiday season comes lists of people who are impossible to shop for: The too-smart-for-her-own-good intern, the copywriter with a side hustle, the boss who parks his bike in his office, the deskmate with a new pair of kicks every month.

For all the creatives in your life, or simply for those who could use a touch of inspiration, click through our gift guide below. Comprised solely of products designed by adland creatives, it’s safe to say the list is immune to being regifted.

For the future #girlboss: Secret Code by Mara Binudin-Lecocq

When Mara Binudin-Lecocq found children’s bookshelves to be lacking in strong female heroines, the freelance creative director decided to take things into her own hands. She created Secret Code, a customizable children’s book that aims to #BreakStereotypes and teach female empowerment to young girls. Readers can choose the name of the coding-proficient, girl-power heroine (clad in a leather jacket and tutu), personalize her look, and even add in a few customized details.

Buy and customize a copy of Secret Code here.

For the sneaker obsessed: Herbrand Seven-Eleven Sneakers by McCann London

Sneaker culture is strong, so you probably know at least one devoted sneakerhead who’s dying for a new addition to his collection. These sneakers, designed by McCann London and Norman Walsh, meet all the necessary requirements. Icon status? With Norman Walsh on the ticket, you bet. Unique? Oh, yes — the agency’s Art Deco office building inspired the limited-edition shoes. Stylish? Well, according to McCann London managing partner Tom Wong, “It just looks hot when you put them on your feet.”

For the first job: Quarter Life Poetry by Samantha Jayne

“I’m over ‘adulting’ today.” “All aboard the struggle bus.” “I’m only here for the free food.”

Have you heard these phrases enter the daily vernacular of your nearest millennial? Gift them a copy of Quarter Life Poetry, a book of all-too-real poems that capture the essence of being a young professional today. Through the satirical verses of Samantha Jayne, a MullenLowe Los Angeles freelance art director, you can let your twentysomething who “literally can’t even” know she is not alone.

Learn more here.  

For the cycling fanatic: Raynsie by 72andSunny Amsterdam

Dedicated cyclists will endure any weather for a ride, but that doesn’t mean biking through pouring rain or icy sleet is comfortable. 72andSunny Amsterdam, an agency where most employees bike to work every day, decided it was time to find a solution. Behold the Raynsie, a waterproof onesie that enables bikers to weather any storm. The onesie is not only waterproof but also windproof, breathable, packable and stylish, offered in a number of Dutch culture-inspired colors and designs.

Learn more and buy a Raynsie here.

For the beloved firstborn: You Made Me a Mother by Laurenne Sala

Freelance copywriter Laurenne Sala penned the voiceover poem in a 2014 ad for baby accessory company Boba. The moving verses quickly gained traction as it moved mothers around the world and ultimately caught the attention of HarperCollins, which offered Sala a children’s book deal. Although Sala is not a mother herself, she captures the journey of motherhood beautifully, tapping into stories from family and friends.

You Made Me a Mother is available here.

For the friend who favors experiences over things: Vacation With An Artist Studio Session

For R/GA creative director Geetika Agrawal, the ideal vacation includes learning new creative skills. Likeminded thinkers should check out Vacation with an Artist, Agrawal’s business launched earlier this year. The platform allows you to discover artists, craftsmen and artisans around the world and book studio sessions that range anywhere from 10 hours to 100 hours over the course of a few weeks to learn their crafts.

Learn more here.

For the colleague you want to inspire: Everyone Can Be Creative: Inspiring Habits from an Ex-Nun by Merlee Cruz-Jayme

With a career that began as a nun at a Benedictine Monastery, Dentsu Jayme Syfu CEO Merlee Cruz-Jayme did not follow a typical path to adland. Yet, her structured life within the Monastery proved crucial to her eventual roles as an agency CCO and CEO. In her book, Cruz-Jayme shares many of these lessons and illustrates that, indeed, “everyone can be creative.”

Find Cruz-Jayme’s guide to creativity here.

For the obligatory office gag gift: Marketing Buzzword Jar

Every agency has one: that team member who claims to be so in tune with the marketing landscape that he can’t make it through a single conversation without uttering jargon like “disruption,” “influencer,” or “datafication.” Well, there’s no better way to drop a backhanded hint than Cornett creative Whit Hiler’s Marketing Buzzword Jar. Whenever someone in the office lets a tired marketing buzzword slip, they owe $1 to the jar (the ultimate taboo—“millennial”—requires a $2 donation).

Order a Marketing Buzzword Jar here.

For the creative who likes the finer things: I CANN Eau de Créativité by McCann Montevideo

Perfume is a common holiday gift, but this bottle packs an extra punch. McCann Montevideo celebrated its 70th anniversary with the release of a signature fragrance intended to stimulate creativity. As the agency’s CEO and general creative director Leándro Gómez told Adweek, “Scents are a powerful medium to convey emotions.” Wrap up this scent for someone who’s looking for a creative boost.  

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