How Agency of the Year X Country Winners Find Inspiration In Global and Tech Trends

Our 2016 Agency of the Year X Country Clio Award winners represent the very best of creativity globally. Their innovative work illustrates how each of the 15 winning agencies is using their countries’ heritages and beliefs to innovate and push the industry forward.

But while regional agencies showcase their countries’ cultures through advertising, they’re also taking cues from around the world. Read on to see how some of 2016’s Agencies of the Year are inspired by work and trends originating oceans and gigabytes away.

United Kingdom: McCann London

“[Globally,] some of the strongest campaigns of the year have been the result of a number of different companies working together to create standout work. Look at Brewtroleum [from Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand] and The Next Rembrandt [from J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam], for example. It shows how cross-pollination can drive some really great results when done right…. There’s also an interesting trend in how advertising is influencing product innovation; this offers a huge opportunity for our industry.” —executive creative directors and co-presidents, Rob Doubal and Laurence “Lolly” Thomson

Thailand: TBWA\Thailand Co., Ltd. Bangkok

“Digital culture has brought us many new formats with which to express creativity. Live content and real-time content have allowed us to engage with the consumer in such depth like we never have before. Digital culture has made Thailand into a mobile-centric society. We really have to adapt our creative to optimize and accommodate this new audience behavior like creative pocket TVCs and thumb friendly content.” —executive creative director Veradis Vinyaratn 

Switzerland: FCB Zurich

“One of the most interesting trends and developments in creativity is the merging of humans and machines. There is a trend of upcoming ideas that use technology to empower people and to develop machines, which can work on human tasks.” —creative directors Sören Schröder, Marcin Baba, Flavio Meroni and Andy Lusti

Russia: TutkovBudkov Volgograd

“One of the most evident trends in creativity is—for the lack of a better phrase —going over the top. Whether it’s an indie band flying in zero gravity or an AI creating a brand new Rembrandt painting, it’s clear that the stakes are so high now that you just keep on surprising the consumer with breaking laws and churning out miracles in formats that are easily consumable and again, shareable. In this respect, the new Kenzo World ad is definitely the frontrunner.” —creative director Dmitry Tutkov 

Japan: Dentsu Tokyo

“We are paying particular attention to the use of data and artificial intelligence (AI) based on that data. Although data and AI are already a hot topic in the advertising industry, it is only being used to generate immediate efficiency gains and to stimulate topicality. While thinking about the potential ourselves, we are also monitoring trends in this area worldwide.”  —executive creative director, head of digital creative Yasuharu Sasaki

India: Taproot Dentsu Mumbai

“The Swedish Tourist Association’s The Swedish Number created last year is actually taking advertising to a new height. The whole nation was involved in the campaign and frankly, nothing can get bigger than that. India as a nation has loads of social issues, and to overcome them, we need brilliant product and communication ideas like Lucky Iron Fish, Volvo Life Paint, Security Moms, Manboobs, Braille Ink, Braille Cap, etc. Such ideas can have lasting effects on the country.” —CCO and co-founder Santosh Padhi

Canada: Rethink Toronto

“[Around the world,] the gap between product and communication is becoming increasingly narrow. Once upon a time, advertising was used solely to sell an existing product. Today our insight, strategy and creativity have proven just as valuable in the upfront, when product is being designed. Brand loyalty is quickly being replaced by interface loyalty.” —creative director Aaron Starkman

Australia: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

“Artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented reality are the [global trends] that seem both cutting edge and more naturally geared to the purposes of marketing. In the last couple of years everywhere, there has been a huge move towards social media, influencer marketing, native advertising, programmatic advertising and capturing and exploiting data.” — CCO Ant Keogh 

Argentina: La Comunidad

“The most interesting and innovative tendency of these times is the one that proves that a good advertising agency can not only bring great ideas to the table in order to solve advertising problems, but also to solve business or social problems. [Agencies] are trying to expand our role in the world and that’s a good thing.” —general creative directors Ramiro Raposo and Fernando Sosa 

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