Clio Key Art is Now Clio Entertainment

Dear Clio Key Art Awards Friends and Supporters,
As we move ahead in the New Year, it is also a time to reflect back on our 2016 season. Last year saw great gains as we continued to expand our reach across movies, TV and gaming, while keeping our core values and film industry origins at heart. We introduced Getty Images as an official new partner, and crowned Aspect, Microsoft, 20th Century Fox and FX among the year’s top winners. 
For 46 years, our program has worked to stay on top of trends – recognizing emerging work across various categories, and realizing the need to constantly evolve along with the industry. In those times of change, what remained was our steadfast commitment to creatives across all of entertainment marketing, which is true to this day. We have now reached another period of transition. Changes in technology, programming and platforms have all greatly impacted marketing within the industry. The lines are blurring, and it is time once again to take a step forward with some exciting changes, and with that, some news to share. 
As of April 3rd, the Clio Key Art Awards will be known as Clio Entertainment. We believe this name better reflects the massive strides our industry has taken since 1971, and will help us to remain more inclusive of the great work happening across TV, gaming, and of course the roots of Clio Entertainment, film. Our new name does not alter the significance of our key art history or broaden our focus away from marketing. Instead, it will allow us to accurately honor the many creatives working in emerging entertainment marketing areas and welcome new supporters into the fold. 
In another announcement, the 2017 Clio Entertainment Awards ceremony will shift to November 2, 2017, and will be held at The Theatre at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles.
And finally, entries will open for Clio Entertainment on May 1, 2017, an exciting moment for us as we prepare to introduce a new class of winners under our updated name. 
We extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the jury members, creatives, studios, television networks, agencies and hosts that have been with us since the beginning, and those that will be joining us for the first time this year. Your loyalty and innovative work, along with our successful long-term partnership with The Hollywood Reporter, are what continue to drive this program. We are once again anticipating a stellar season that would not be possible without the support from this community.
Here’s to our 46th year! 
Nicole Purcell
President, Clio