Nike Continues To Nail The Post-Big Game High

When the Chicago Cubs ended their 108-year championship drought and Lebron James led his hometown of Cleveland to the city's first championship of any kind since 1964, it was Nike who put the exclamation point on the moment. 

And now, they've done it again. 

Immediately after Kevin Durant helped his Golden State Warriors defeat James and his Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2017 NBA Finals--which would mark the embattled Durant's first ring--NIke and W&K Portland aired a spot that took all of the criticisms aimed at Durant from the very start of his career head-on. The ad, directed by Tim Godsall at Anonymous Content, shows a roundtable of pundits, podcasters, sportswriters, and fans voicing every problem they have with KD. Of course, we now know who has the final word...

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