Pursue a Passion Project? We Want to Showcase It!

Featured image courtesy of Jason Peterson

In adland, creativity isn’t confined within office walls. The people who shape the industry let creativity permeate their lives off the job, too. From CCOs who find inspiration through photographing striking cityscapes to art directors who channel their imagination through the written word, the creative world is teeming with innovative side gigs and passion projects — and we want to spotlight them. 

If a colleague or industry friend has a creative side hustle, please share it with Clios.com so we can feature him or her in our upcoming passion project series. (If you’re the one with creative outlet, feel free to nominate yourself!)

Please send all nominations to marketing@clioawards.com along with a short description of the nominee and his or her project or hobby.


everything hits at once

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Havas North America CCO Jason Peterson finds inspiration in daily photo shoots.

Secret Code. Make your girl the hero. #BreakStereotypes

Freelance creative director Mara Binudin-Lecocq directed her creative energy last year to empowering young girls through a customizable children’s book.