Qualcomm Knows You Want To Look At Your Phone Right Now, And They’re OK With It

Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf hit Twitter today to let you know he gets it. He gets the warm, seductive allure of the smartphone. He knows you can’t watch a 30 second ad without feeling the intense desire to see what you just missed on at least three different social platforms--not to mention the activity in your email inbox, Whatsapp, and favorite time-wasting game involving gems or fruit and the ancient Japanese assassins who love them.

Not only does he know it and accept it, he’s going to help support it. Qualcomm’s newest spot features nothing more than a man and a boy dressed in Lederhosen performing a traditional German dance to the strains of an Oompah band. In a pre-smartphone era, such a thing would easily earn 30 seconds of your time. Not anymore.


Qualcomm knows its audience, and you have to give them credit for not only acknowledging that smartphones have whittled our attention down so severely that 30 seconds seems like a lifetime, but also acknowledging that such a world is pretty good for them.