Rent Sweden, Smell Paris: Creative Ways To Indulge Your Summer Wanderlust

Warm weather is on the way, sunny wardrobes are working their way into our closets and the sweet promise of Summer Fridays looms in the air. As summer fast approaches, so does vacation season—and adland is fueling the desire to drop everything for a getaway in ways that go beyond oceanfront views and exotic tours.

Read on to see how brands and agencies are encouraging new travel adventures through creative campaigns.  

Visit Sweden and Forsman & Bodenfors Have Put All Of Sweden on Airbnb

Sweden on Airbnb

Sweden’s tourism marketing is a force that can’t be stopped. This week, Visit Sweden touted the country’s “freedom to roam,” which allows everyone to wander freely through throughout the country, by listing the entire country on Airbnb. The campaign, called “Sweden on Airbnb,” includes nine different listings—everything from a “cozy glade” in Beech Forest to a “cliff with a panoramic ocean view” and a “rustic forest retreat”—to encourage visitors to come exercise their own freedom to roam in Sweden.

This Swedish tourism campaign follows last year’s Grand Clio-winning Swedish Number from the Swedish Tourist Association and Visit Sweden’s ongoing stunt from 2012 that hands over the official @Sweden Twitter account to a different Swede each week.

Thalys & Rosapark Invite You To Sniff Your Way Around The World

THALYS - Scents of the City

Would the smell of a buttery croissant, hot out of the oven, make you think of anywhere but Paris? Doesn’t the fresh scent of tulips conjure images of Amsterdam?

That’s the idea behind Rosapark’s most recent campaign for Thalys, “Scents of the City.” The stunt tapped the help of perfume consultant Elisabeth Carre and Drom Fragrances to capture and bottle 16 distinct fragrances from Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Cologne, which were then displayed for the public to inhale in a pop-up “travel agency” where they could book their next trips. 

Some of the wanderlust-inducing scents included “Fresh Baguette” from Paris’ Rue Paul Bert, “Latex” courtesy of Amsterdam’s Erotic Museum and “Waffles” a la Brussels food carts.

Orbitz & Bark Bark Offer You a Musical Escape

Orbitz | It's A Great Big World

Orbitz is the latest brand to join in the social equality conversation with its bouncy musical number, “It’s A Great Big World.”

Starring Internet celeb Randy Rainbow, comedian Margaret Cho and drag queens Bianca Del Rio and Miss Richfield 1981, the spot encourages viewers to explore the world— especially if you “think your country’s gone to hell.”

“We came into this being hopeful, not partisan,” Bark Bark head of content and managing partner Brian Tolleson told Adweek. “We think you can stand up for inclusion without being political. What we’re celebrating is the benefit of opening your eyes.”

WestJet & Rethink Want You To Try Your Luck In Vegas

Behind the scenes of #WestJetVegasSurprise

Las Vegas isn’t an unknown destination for WestJet—the Canadian airline recently commemorated its 21st birthday and its 8.8 millionth Vegas-bound passenger—but it is a place synonymous with new and unusual experiences. To celebrate Sin City travel and encourage future trips for its passengers, WestJet decided to surprise one flight with the gift of new experiences.

With agency Rethink, the airline created “Westjet Vegas Surprise” —a roulette-style light show, visible from 12,000 feet in the air, to reward its passengers with some special travel experiences in Las Vegas. Watch the clip above to see the Guinness World Record-breaking light show in full effect, and see how it all came together here