Creative Director Guillermo Tragant Dresses with “a Dose of Fantasy”

Years ago, Guillermo Tragant, now principal and creative director of multicultural agency Richards Lerma in Dallas, was pitching a certain brand known for its iconic bullseye logo. Right before the meeting, he had an idea, folding a piece of the plastic shopping bag into a pocket square and tucking it into the pocket of his tweed blazer.

“It was a legendary,” he says. “As players in a creative business we have the right and the duty of being original; it does not mean being a clown, but you don’t have to be dull, either.”

For Tragant, originality comes not only in the winning work he’s created for clients including Nike, Coca-Cola, Nespresso and Google, but also in the form of a bespoke suit with a cool tie and scarf or a sport jacket with vintage Levi’s and Italian statement shoes.

He dresses for the occasion and his art director’s eye allows him to hone in on how he uniquely translates a given mood into anything from looks by Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Hermes to a vintage Mickey Mouse T-shirt. For clients, it represents a marriage of design sensibility and point of view. 

“If you have good ideas and a clear voice, having a bold style gives you an edge and a sexy personality,” he says. “We build brands everyday; why don’t we treat ourselves as one?”

It’s an approach that has evolved along with his career—having aesthetic guts, both in fashion choices and campaign ideas, pays off. “I love my job and I have fun with it; I try to push intellectual boundaries and create new things in the communications field everyday,” Tragant says. "That is my legacy, and it also shows in the way I dress.”

Elegant and polished but with a dose of fun, Tragant uses his personal style to express a lifestyle. “For me, it is part of being a creative. It is a fun creative exercise to dress up every morning. A dose of fantasy is always necessary.”

He adds: “I think I have the power to inspire people, and that is cool thing.”

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