Throwback Tracks Win The Day

The most Shazam’d songs of the week: July 31 – August 6

Each week, Clio highlights the top 10 Shazam’d songs from commercials, showcasing the power of pairing the right tune with the right ad.

This week’s list is full of throwback tracks that are sure to make you smile. Nothing beats a good tune you already know, and can sing and dance along to.


1) Vitaminwater “Drink Outside the Lines”

Agency: Ogilvy

Track: “Feel It Still” by Portugal. The Man

Racking up over 45,000 Shazam hits this week, “Feel It Still” remains the reigning champ. This upbeat track is making it’s mark on the Shazam chart.

vitaminwater | #drinkoutsidethelines | aaron paul tv commercial :45


2) Pepsi “Refreshing”


Track: “Stay” by Zedd & Alessia Cara

“Stay” is that song you just can’t get out of your head, and it continues to climb back up the Shazam chart each week, chasing its previous number one spot.



3) Victoria’s Secret “Spring Fever”

Agency: Victoria’s Secret In-House Agency

Track: “Satisfy” by MOONZz

Over a year after its initial release, Victoria’s Secret’s “Spring Fever” spot is making a comeback on the Shazam charts with “Satisfy.”

Victoria’s Secret Body by Victoria TV Commercial (Extended) (Spring 2016)


4) Jeep “Summer Anthem”

Agency: DDB Chicago

Track: “On The Way” by Marc Scibilia

Turn up your Jeep radio – “On The Way” is the perfect summer track for adventurous beach days. It’ll make you want to try backflips and slingshots all weekend long.

On The Way Ft. Marc Scibilia | Summer of Jeep®


5) Walmart “Back-To-School Superpowers”

Agency: The Martin Agency

Track: “Hold On I’m Coming” by Sam & Dave

An oldie by goodie, “Hold On I’m Coming” pairs perfectly with this fun superhero-focused spot from Walmart.

Pick up Your Kids' Superpowers | Back-to-School Essentials at Walmart


6) State Farm “Backstory: Truck”

Agency: DDB

Track: “Break My Bones” by John Taylor

Continuing to make an impact among Shazam users, John Taylor’s “Break My Bones” is sure to put you in an uplifting mood.

Backstory - Truck (:60) | State Farm® Commercial


7) Kmart “Cannonball”

Agency: Draft FCB

Track: “Din Daa Daa (Original Version 1983)” by George Kranz

Kmart tapped into an older track “Din Daa Daa” for its boomerang-inspired spot, “Cannonball,” and people are loving the throwback.

Kmart - Cannonball


8) Walmart “Enciende La Cocina”

Agency: The Martin Agency

Track: “La Gozadera” by Gente De Zona ft. Marc Anthony

Back on the Shazam charts after a few weeks, “La Gozadera” is heating up among users.

Enciende la Cocina


9) Hyundai “Duet”

Agency: Innocean Worldwide

Track: “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond

The perfect sing-a-long track, “Sweet Caroline” is helping Hyundai “make your commute a little sweeter.” What better infectious track to inspire commute karaoke?

Hyundai Sonata - Duet


10) Swiffer “Princess & Dirty Hardwood Floor”

Agency: Publicis

Track: “One Way Or Another” by Blondie

Bring a little fun to your week with this throwback track, “One Way Or Another.” You’ll be jamming across your dirty hardwood floor with a Swiffer in hand.

The Princess and the Dirty Hardwood Floor: Swiffer® WetJet™