WeTransfer Studios x The Clio Awards: Dream Workplace

WeTransfer Studios partnered with the Clio Awards to explore how and where creatives work best. Rather than another studio visit feature, we asked five creatives around the world to describe their dream workplace, which illustrator Owen Gatley brought to life for us.  



Chicago-based Daniel Kuypers works at the intersection of culture, creativity and branding. He started out as a musician and DJ himself, and went onto run his own highly-respected indie record label. Moving into branding, he led the creative department at Music Dealers and he’s now Director of Music at Energy BBDO, where he oversees campaigns for clients like PepsiCo and SC Johnson.  

"My current workplace is a fluorescently-lit box in a building shaped like a box. It’s not quite a Mies Van Der Rohe, but it aspires to be. My office in particular is a small, dimly lit space with oddball art and a mini-fridge filled with pickles and wine.  I enjoy organized chaos. Dim lights, cold air and quiet."

"My dream workspace would be shaped like an octagon with no two walls exactly parallel, and it would have a skylight the size of a Nissan Versa. My office would have one window, and that window would look out into some woods. But the office would not be in the woods, just the view from the window is sylvan. It would have multiple sofas, of multiple materials – leather, suede, canvas. It would have a few comfy chairs, each with an ottoman and each with the ability to recline. There would be rugs – mostly shag-Danish, but also some tasteful jute."

"I want weirdo art, things that people twist their neck to look back at, have to mention, feel uneasy about, want to like but can’t admit they do.  I would need a fridge for pickles and leftovers, and a wine cooler. I would also need a mini-bar for cocktails and trinkets. The office would, of course, have excellent speakers, extraordinary acoustics – floating panels that could turn the room from live to dead."  

"Also, a wood-burning fireplace. And slippers for me and all guests."



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