WeTransfer Studios x The Clio Awards: Musa Okwonga

WeTransfer Studios partnered with the Clio Awards to explore how and where creatives work best. Rather than another studio visit feature, we asked five creatives around the world to describe their dream workplace, which illustrator Owen Gatley brought to life for us.  

Musa Okwonga is a writer, poet and performer who lives and works in Berlin. He has written two books about football, contributed to The Guardian, The New Statesman and The New York Times and he was described by Q magazine as a “globe-straddling Mike Skinner.”
"This may sound strange, but I pretty much have my dream workplace already. I have never written better work than I do right now. I need solitude to create, but I also need to know that I can leave it whenever necessary. If I had to think of a better place to work, I would choose to live in a first-floor apartment on the corner of a building which had natural light coming in from all windows, and which looked out onto a body of water."
"In terms of decoration, I might go for the combination my sister had in her bedroom when we were growing up; we painted the walls polenta-yellow, and we laid down a deep-blue carpet (the closest colour is a shade called “ultramarine”). That room permanently looked like an ocean shore, even in winter, and in summer, whenever the sun caught it, it was spectacular. When you walked on that carpet barefoot, it was like stepping through a shallow tide, and I forget the number of times I fell asleep on it."