When You Care Enough To Drink The Very Best: Delicate Estates Rethinks the Greeting Card

It’s understandable if you’re suffering a bit of “disruption fatigue.” We know the pressure is on creatives to disrupt everything from transportation to weekend brunch--but every so often someone hits on something that you didn’t realize needed a rethink, and now can’t imagine a world without it.

Delicate Estates has remixed the greeting card with wine and, well, that’s pretty much the best combination of things since peanut butter met chocolate.

Although they don’t actually have a winery (Delicate Estates only produces the labels, you have to BYOW), they do offer you the chance to give a truly memorable gift while also doing something great—proceeds from the sale of the labels goes to support the ACLU at a time when they couldn’t need it more (the company does reach across the aisle, though, with one label the reads “We voted for different people. I still want to drink with you.”)

The labels run around $6, so they’re not much more of an investment than a card, and they are guaranteed to make an impression. At least until someone disrupts the flower bouquet industry with roses that grant wishes.