Wish You Were There: Havas CCO Folker Wrage On The Joys Of Clio Judging

Look, we've done what we can. 

We've brought you inside our process for selecting Clio Award judges and how finding the right mix of people is the lifeblood of the show year after year. We've also given some context around our choice of location for this year's massive off-site judging week--Sanya, China--by exploring the explosion of creativity happening within China's advertising and entertainment communities. But in the end, we can't really explain to you what it feels like to be there, in the room, surrounded by your peers, combing through the best work your industry has to offer. For that, we need to go directly to the sources. 

Luckily, Havas CCO and founder/owner of Wrage/Antwort, Folker Wrage, has taken the time to capture his experience in his own words. 

"It does leave you exhausted – three days of judging, six hours of time difference, while keeping the business going from the other side of the planet does take its toll," writes Wrage in a blog post. "Not to mention the wonderfully intense conversations and the drinks that go along with them. But no one in his or her right mind would even think about complaining."

Wrage goes on to break down the elements he feels makes Clio unique among its peers--from the jury selection to the choice of locale to the technical challenge of reviewing and rating so much amazing work--and is effusive in his praise for all involved. "The support and company of the Clio team adds a lot to this – the great care and attention that the jurors get makes you wonder why you didn’t really get much of that at that other big festival."

We'll be posting more from the Clio jury chairs and jury members in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. To read Wrage's complete post, head over to his blog on the Wrage/Antwort official site