Apple’s Winning Streak

The most Shazam’d songs of the week: October 9 – October 15

Each week, Clio highlights the top ten Shazam’d songs from commercials, showcasing the power of pairing the right tune with the right ad.

Three tracks made this week’s Shazam list for a single brand – Apple. And another two made the list for Jeep. More and more, single brands are tapping into music as a way to garner further reach and engagement with their commercials. Who will be the top brand next week?


1) Apple “Unveiled”

Agency: TBWA Chiat Day

Track: “Area” by MagnusTheMagnus

Taking the top spot for two weeks in a row, MagnusTheMagnus’ “Area,” like Apple, is on a winning streak.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus — Unveiled — Apple


2) Apple “Roll”

Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab

Track: “Misbehaving” by Labrinth

Apple’s second Shazam chart topper in the same week, “Roll” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Apple Watch Series 3 + Apple Music — Roll — Apple


3) Apple “Portraits Of Her”

Agency: TBWA Chiat Day

Track: “This Strange Effect” by The Shacks

Apple’s third Shazam chart topper this week, “Portraits of Her” shows off the newest iPhone features with the help of The Shacks’ “This Strange Effect.”

iPhone 8 Plus — Portraits of Her — Apple


4) Google “Question Mark”

Agency: In House

Track: “Warriors” by Too Many Zooz

“Warriors” by Too Many Zooz complements Google’s “Question Mark” effortlessly as the notes heighten as the question mark curves come to life.

Google Pixel 2: Questioning?


5) Jeep “Go Anywhere”

Agency: DDB Chicago

Track: “Believer” by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons’ “Believer” breaks into the Shazam chart for another week in its long streak.



6) Jeep “Release Your Renegade”

Agency: DDB Chicago

Track: “Bad At Love” by Halsey

Jeep’s second commercial on this week’s list is “Release Your Renegade,” part of the company’s latest campaign highlighting artists and their new tracks. Halsey's "Bad At Love" kicked off the campaign with a bang.

Halsey | Release Your Renegade | Jeep®


7) Samsung “I Love You”

Agency: Weiden+Kennedy Portland

Track: “Similau” by Peggy Lee

Sweet and vintage, Peggy Lee’s “Similau” has people Shazaming for the full track.

Samsung Galaxy Note8: I Love You


8) BMW “So Alive”

Agency: kbs+p, KBS

Track: “So Alive” by The Goo Goo Dolls

The Goo Goo Dolls are winning big for BMW with “So Alive.”

BMW - So Alive


9) Heineken “When You Drive, Never Drink”

Agency: Publicis Italy, Red Urban, Anorak Film Berlin

Track: “Heroes” by Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox feat. Nicole Atkins

Focusing on not drinking, Heineken takes a different look at the classic “Don’t drink and drive” mantra in “When You Drive, Never Drink.” The track “Heroes” ties in perfectly to the throwback-focused, racecar-fueled spot.

Heineken l When You Drive, Never Drink.


10) Citi “Twins”

Agency: Publicis

Track: “Double Lovin’” by Spencer Wiggins

What better track to go with “Twins” than Spencer Wiggins’ “Double Lovin’?”

Citi Twins” 30 Citi® Double Cash Card Commercial