Finding The Right Campaign Image Is Essential.

Here are 5 ways Getty Images can arm you with the tools to land a head-turning photo

It’s no secret that everything we do--from social media to advertising--is visually-driven.  Although it’s obvious to say that top-notch photography can skyrocket the success of an advertising campaign, it’s less so to explain just how a stunning photo comes to life. A single image can take an entire team of people days or more to create, costing time, energy, and serious funds that many brands and companies just don’t have. But going without isn’t an option when you consider that 44% of audiences are more likely to engage with brands that post pictures. Or the fact that pages featuring images or videos are 94% more likely to draw views.

Getty Images’ celebrated stock photo libraries, coupled with their range of powerful professional tools and network of visual experts – from creators to lawyers, researchers, and more – have made them one of the foremost experts on finding or producing that essential, brand-defining image.

To help creative professionals get a better sense of what they want before they want it, Getty Images offers five unique ways they can turn a campaign from humdrum to showstopping with the right image.

Unparalleled Quality and Breadth

To truly stand out in today’s visual landscape, you need to use the most effective and highest-quality imagery for your ad and concept. That’s why, with over 225 million photographs, illustrations, vectors and videos, Getty Images is guaranteed to have the perfect visual to communicate your brand message in a compelling way.

Getty Images’ award-winning creative team understands how imagery drives brands and businesses, and works to provide guidance and training to photographers so that they can produce the most relevant and authentic visuals possible. Driven by innovation, Getty creators are dedicated to pushing the boundaries within imagery, using the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technologies to deliver cutting-edge content to all kinds of brands.

Smarter Search Options

When beginning to browse, Getty Images’ superior search tools and world’s largest stock photo library make it easy to find exceptional visuals that perfectly match your needs. Advanced keyword filtering and easy language translations help you find the perfect content in seconds, while experts are ready to help manage any search, handpick a customized selection of visuals, and share tips on how to effectively search for the very best images. An array of professionally curated image and video collections also allow for immediate discovery.

Powerful Collaboration Tools

Powerful collaboration tools like Getty Images Boards make working together and staying on top of your visual strategy easier than ever. Tools like the Getty Images Media Manager – a digital asset management system – as well as mobile apps, allow for seamless content management across organizations. Leave comments on colleagues’ image selections and add or download multiple images at once to come up with a customized, crowd-pleasing library of visuals for any campaign or aesthetic undertaking. It’s never been more efficient to choose, store, and manage selected images and libraries – within a single project or several.

Helpful Plugins and Media Management

Getty Images’ Media Manager similarly facilitates storage and sharing with a cloud-based solution that works with all kinds of digital assets, from images and videos to any document, anywhere. Plugins for various programs like Adobe Creative Cloud and WordPress, Chrome, and Salesforce Social Studio make search and downloads a breeze, even when you’re offsite. Meanwhile, Getty’s web-based API tool allows for total integration, letting you work within your own publishing and storage systems, or even create custom applications with Getty’s incomparable images.

Legal Expertise

With offices all over the world and decades of experience and industry relationships, Getty Images is a leader in intellectual property and legal talent clearances. Whether you’re looking to feature a viral video, celebrity portrait, or iconic moment in sports history, Getty Images can guide you through it. No matter what you’re after - from famous artwork and fashion to Marilyn Monroe’s legendary shoots and the moment man first walked on the moon – Getty Images’ multi-lingual team of legal and research professionals is here to help along every step of the way, guaranteed to clear any rights necessary again and again.

Explore the endless possibilities for your next great advertisement at Getty Images.