Lindeman and Associates: Get To Know The New LA

Go inside what makes the 2017 Clio Entertainment Awards Agency of the Year recipient a group worth watching

Nominated for 32 Clio Entertainment Awards and walking away from the evening with the coveted Agency of the Year statue, LA – Lindeman and Associates is, it’s fairly safe to say, having an amazing run right now.

And if their name has yet to take a firm foothold in your quick-access memory (they’ve only existed since 2015, so you’re forgiven) their work undoubtedly has. So let’s get to know a little bit more about the agency that is bringing the thunder…the dragons…and the Demogorgons.

When Universal Pictures released Get Out, the movie studio was searching for experiential concepts to promote the now-iconic film. The decision was made to create an art show based on Get Out--and Los Angeles-based Lindeman & Associates (which brands as simply “LA”) was called in to put the show together.

LA assembled the Get Out Gallery, featuring artwork from Corey Barksdale, Frank Morrison, Sindiso Nyoni, Jermaine Rogers, Sharlene Artsy and Taj Tenfold. The art show, which was featured at the film’s premiere and at influencer events, was covered in a feature article in Vanity Fair, with limited run prints distributed at subsequent screenings.

This established LA as an agency with a bold visual identity, and it propelled them to inject some much-needed creative lifeblood into a promotional cycle that had become rote and content to churn out unimaginative posters and expected tie-ins.

According to Adam Fox, LA’s vice president, “Not only are we experiencing a shift in how media is consumed, but we’re witnessing the erosion of traditional marketing categories—print, AV, motion, social, digital, and display. We pride ourselves in the ability to cater to this new entertainment paradigm and create integrated campaigns across all platforms.”

LA employs 111 creatives working on a wide range of projects for marquee properties such as Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and Thor: Ragnarok. For Netflix’s blockbuster sci-fi thriller series, LA tapped into Stranger Things’ 80s nostalgia and its core of classic horror and sci-fi references to bring a strong sense of foreboding to the run up to season two.


Most agencies would balk at trying to create an instantly-iconic poster for a Star Wars film, a franchise that has been built on instantly-iconic imagery since 1977. Instead, LA delivered this: 

For HBO’s epic fantasy series, LA created a mini-History Channel for Westeros, creating animated shorts that dove into the complicated history that forms the foundation for Game of Thrones. They also organized a live event in Herald Square that dazzled fans with a massive 3D dragon projection across Manhattan skyscrapers.

And when it came to capturing the bright and offbeat new direction for Marvel Studios’ Thor, LA took a cue from director Taika Waititi and went unabashedly fun and colorful for the eye-popping Thor: Ragnarok promotional posters. “What we wanted from Sakaar was very bold and vivid – something different from Asgard, which had been established in the other films,” Waititi told Rolling Stone. “How we achieved that was leaning very heavily into the art and design of Jack Kirby, the brilliant comic book artist…A lot of it had to do with the color.”

All this from an agency that is also relatively young. Founded in early 2015 by former Ignition creative director Jason Lindeman, Tomy Drissi and Maria Endozo, LA has made big impressions in a short time.

Fox remembers them “fortunately [having] an empty building and the urge—insanity to start a new creative agency. The vision was to reset the clock on what an agency could be in the current entertainment climate, covering all disciplines and platforms to create memorably cohesive campaigns.” The agency’s leadership comes from film, graphic design, apparel, and fine art backgrounds.

One of the agency’s biggest advantages in working with the entertainment industry comes from their in-house 2000 foot production studio, which allows them to develop integrated still, motion, and commercial content. LA has a full-time staff of onsite photographers, stylists, and lighting technicians, as well as video production equipment. Clients are encouraged to shoot both still and motion footage in their studio rather than going offsite.

As for the potentially confusing “LA” branding, Fox believes it’s a matter of pride. As he boasts, “We’re almost impossible to Google!”




(The curious can find the company’s website right here)