Q&A: AMV’s Rosie Arnold on Branded Content, and Tips for Entering Work

Rosie Arnold, creative partner and head of art at AMV BBDO in London, is chair of the Branded Entertainment & Branded Content jury for the 2018 Clio Awards. We spoke to Rosie about the state of those disciplines, and how to enter work that gets noticed by the jury.

Rosie, you're chairing the Branded Entertainment & Branded Content jury for Clio in 2018. Are you seeing any trends in those disciplines lately that might show up in entries this year?

Brands are now having to compete against box sets and Netflix and Black Mirror more than TV or film these days. The new ways people consume media have led to a different sort of programming—more complex, more original and darker. The Mars Halloween spots were brilliant and a great example of where branded content can go.

What are some great branded content pieces you've seen in the past few years, and what made them special?

H&M's “Beckham & Hart” was just brilliant. So well written, performed and thought out. I must have watched them in their entirety over 30 times while judging and still love them. And "Home," the short film for the UNHCR [the UN Refugee Agency]. A proper grown up film—it even won a BAFTA!

The Road Trip featuring David Beckham and Kevin Hart

Do you have any advice for how to enter work into Branded Entertainment & Branded Content? Any tips for packaging an entry so it's easy for the judges to absorb?

Please don’t spend ages on telling us how many impressions and shares there were. We can judge for ourselves how great we think an idea is!