Say Hello To “The Muse”

Get to know our newly-rebranded original content hub, and find out where the most inspiring people in the industry go to get inspired

For nearly 60 years, Clio has enjoyed industry-wide respect, an enormous pop culture profile, and the gratitude of creatives and executives worldwide.

But what it hasn’t had is a voice.


That has changed, however, with the unveiling of our new content hub “The Muse,” in honor of our ancient goddess namesake. And the voice of the Muse is, ultimately, your voice – the voice of the industry’s most creative thinkers, most progressive innovators, and most engaging characters. We are here to make a destination beyond submissions. We want to engage with the industry we love, by being vocal about the innovative ideas we see bursting to the surface day after day, in every time zone. We want to invite people who don’t normally have a platform to talk about their craft or engage with peers the place to do just that. It began with a simple change to our homepage: No longer will content be stuffed into the ill-fitting suit that was “News,” nor will it be limited to the website. We want to be more visible with panels, roundtables, and other creative conversations—In short, we want to be a site that you come to every day, and not just when you get our emails nudging you to get submissions in.

So explore our new home and let us know what kinds of stories inspire you…