Want to Work in Advertising? Zulu Alpha Kilo Is Going To Scare That Idea Out of Your Head

“In here, awards are like drugs. Yeah, you just need that hit.”

Toronto-based creative agency Zulu Alpha Kilo (who won Clios in 2009 and 2013 in the Branded Entertainment and Direct mediums) have taken a unique approach to recruitment. Rather than entice eager young creatives with the promise of a dynamic work environment and vast opportunities for growth and success…they’ve opted to scare the shit out of them.

In a spot-on parody of the “Scared Straight” series – which takes budding young juvenile delinquents into maximum security prisons to receive blunt life lessons from hardened crooks – Zula Alpha Kilo takes on the advertising industry with harsh truths and admittedly hilarious insider digs. A group of young grads come in full of bravado and book proposals, only to have their hopes and dreams dashed as they are brutally introduced to a world of long hours, few rewards, and the endless craving for the next hit of sweet, sweet awards show dope.

This isn’t the first time Zula Alpha Kilo has made a name for itself by outright parodying the industry and pointing out some of the delusional self-aggrandizing that can be fostered within. Last year, the Canadian agency launched its official site with mock “founders” named Frank Zulu, Marcus Alpha, and Katherine Kilo…all of whom represent broad caricatures of the worst kind of moronic, self-obsessed “thought leaders” that lurk in your LinkedIn feed every day.

Enjoy the video, but please don’t message us asking for the street value of a Clio.  

SCARED STRAIGHT: Out of Advertising