Second Life

Entrant Company
Geometry Ogilvy Japan
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Agency NetworkOgilvy & Mather
Holding CompanyWPP Group
Production CompanyBirdman, Tokyo
Advertiser BrandIBM, Tokyo
Advertising AgencyGeometry Ogilvy Japan, Tokyo
Entrant CompanyGeometry Ogilvy Japan, Tokyo
Chief Creative OfficerDoug Schiff / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
Executive Creative DirectorGeorge Sugitomo / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
Executive Creative DirectorRicardo Adolfo / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
Creative DirectorAndy Fenning / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
Associate Creative DirectorShintaro Hashimoto / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
CopywriterToshikazu Suzuki / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
Art DirectorTakashi Tsukamoto / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
Art DirectorRiriko Tatsumi / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
Art DirectorKasia Grabek / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
CopywriterNaoya Kataoka / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
CopywriterYutaro Nagata / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
DesignerFumikazu Okajima / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
Creative Video DirectorMorris Ku / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
Production DirectorNatsuki Tosa / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
Business DirectorJunko Igarashi / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
Senior Account ExecutiveWakaba Mikata / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
Account ExecutiveMitsue Lin / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
Creative Services DirectorAki Sugawara / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
Strategy DirectorNaoko Ito / Geometry Ogilvy Japan
Creative DirectorRoy Ryo Tsukiji / Birdman
DirectorMasaharu Miyasaka / Birdman
Assistant DirectorYuta Toga / Birdman
DirectorYoshihiko Abe / Birdman
DesignerShoya Ozawa / Birdman
Technical Director Takeru Kobayashi / Birdman
Technical DirectorShudai Matsumoto / Birdman
Back-end EngineerTakahisa Maeda / Birdman
Front-end EngineerTakumi Saito / Birdman
Front-end EngineerNaoki Asou / Birdman
Front-End EngineerNaoki Asou / hsbs
Motion Designer Camera TechnicianYoshihiro Miura / Birdman
Project ManagerYoko Kosins / Birdman
Project ManagerNaoaki Kitahara / Birdman
Project ManagerTamami Maekawa / Birdman

This 2020 Clio Awards Shortlisted entry titled 'Second Life' was entered for IBM by Geometry Ogilvy Japan, Tokyo. The advertising agency is part of the agency network: Ogilvy & Mather and holding company: WPP Group. The piece was submitted to the medium: Direct within the entry type: Business-to-Business and the category: Experience/Activation. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.