Image of Andy Saunders

Andy Saunders
Senior Vice President, Creative Content
Getty Images

LONDON, UK // Andy Saunders is the Senior Vice President, Creative at Getty Images.

He leads a global team of art directors, editors and creative researchers who are focused on guiding and curating imagery that fulfills the needs of advertising, corporate and new media clients across the world.

Through his un-paralleled experience at Getty Images, he has a unique perspective on the successive and dramatic changes in the way pictures are created and used in the global marketplace.

While he trained as a photographer, Andy's particular expertise lies in being able to apply the trends that he and his team see in advertising and in society, to the forging of the next generation of photography. 

Over the years the content team at Getty Images have won countless awards in the worlds most prestigious advertising and photography competitions.

Before joining Tony Stone Images and Getty Images Andy worked as a commercial photographer. He lives with his partner and three children in North London.