Image of Jason Covey

Jason Covey
Executive Vice President, Business Development

LOS ANGELES, USA // If you were to describe Jason Covey in one word, it would be committed. Committed to his adoring wife, twin daughters, and toddler son. Committed to participating with global brands and contributing as an active force within the gaming industry. Committed to the further education, refinement, and procurement of craft beers and bourbon. Totally and utterly committed.

Jason’s background spans all facets of traditional and digital marketing in the entertainment arena. His unparalleled internal and agency-side gaming expertise; deep knowledge of client needs and challenges; and collaborative problem solving POV have helped him to develop strategic partnerships with a multitude of iconic entertainment brands. 

Over the years Jason has been entrusted with the procurement and guidance of the world’s most iconic gaming companies with an express focus on delivering targeted strategies and solutions that balance client objectives with consumer demands.

When not working, Jason spends his time teaming up with his wife in the never-ending battle of raising three children, making waiver-wire power moves on his fantasy football team, and waiting for FC Barcelona to call him in for his shot at Champions League glory. It’s good to have dreams.