Image of Brett Hocker

Brett Hocker
Chief Creative Officer
Hammer Creative

HOLLYWOOD// Brett is Hammer Creative’s Chief Creative Officer. He’s been with Hammer since the beginning of the games group and helped build one of the best damn creative agencies in the industry. Brett leads an award winning team of creatives along with a world class capture department and production team.

Together they’ve launched and sustained campaigns for some of the biggest brands in gaming including the Batman Arkham series, Mortal Kombat, The Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, and more.

Brett has an extraordinarily short resume because he’s worked at Hammer for nearly his entire career. Before Hammer he built sets, edited SNL shorts, cast models for Dexatrim commercials, and physically delivered edits of movie trailers to studios before turning to writing, advertising, and video games to save him from Hollywood. Before that he was in college. Before that, high school where he served as the class secretary.

In his spare time Brett enjoys writing bios for himself.