Image of Joe Hubbard

Joe Hubbard
Senior Editor/Producer
Rogue Planet AV

LOS ANGELES, USA // Joe grew up in Winnetka, Chicago as the youngest of five siblings.

Every year, his parents would treat their entire extended family to a holiday vacation, visiting places like Paris and Florida, much to the delight of one of his cheapskate Uncles.

Joe grew up with a variety of interests, ranging from silver screen mob movies to Michael Jordan, and his favorite food was cheese pizza - although he also enjoyed highly nutritious microwaveable macaroni & cheese dinners from time to time.

Joe learned a variety of things on his own, including how to apply aftershave, cut down his own Christmas tree, and go food shopping with coupons (he MAY have stolen a toothbrush or two, but he had his reasons).

He was also rather savy with booby traps and would torment potential home bandits with a variety of pain-inducing devices and even the occasional arachnid, whatever the situation called for. Being the youngest in the family often left Joe feeling rather alone, yet he currently maintains a wonderful relationship with everyone, even though sometimes they can all be a bunch of jerks.