Image of Will Dempster

Will Dempster
EVP, Head of Production
Mischief @ No Fixed Address

BROOKLYN, USA // The two stages we all go through when we see a truly incredible campaign that stops us in our tracks:

1) “Woah.”

2) “Wait. How the hell did they pull that off?”

Will Dempster, EVP, Head of Production at Mischief @ No Fixed Address, is the answer to number two.

He’s the magician behind some of the industry’s most disruptive and effective and awarded work which has catapulted Mischief to agency of the year (twice over by Ad Age and Campaign US) in just 24 months.

Tell Will it’s impossible and watch him make it possible.

P.S. if you know Will you’ll know he definitely didn’t write this bio because he’s terrible at taking the glory.