Image of Saidah Blount

Saidah Blount
Music Marketing and Content Specialist

LOS ANGELES, USA // Saidah Blount is a NYC-based brand and marketing executive known for her focus on music culture. With over 20 years of experience as an innovative leader, she’s helped to establish and develop new sonic and cultural platforms for a number of global brands, most recently at Sonos, where she positioned the company as an emerging leader in the music and audio content space. Saidah also led and Executive Produced all original programming for Sonos Radio, the fastest growing service on Sonos, with 3.5M unique listeners and the #1 most-listened to service on the Radio platform. Developing the voice and operations of over 15 shows and numerous bespoke stations, the content Saidah developed was nominated for 5 Webby Awards, and in 2023 won the Webby for Best Music Podcast (“The Almanac of Rap”).

In her past, Saidah has worked with a number of influential media outlets and brands, including leading NPR Music’s live events and digital marketing, producing live events and festival activations for Cornerstone Agency & The Fader, writing Adidas’ annual trend reports, and working on the US launches of Punchdrunk, Spotify, and Topshop.

In her free time, Saidah loves to hit up concerts, check out new restaurants in Brooklyn and travel with friends. She’s also developing an upcoming podcast on music and creativity...