Image of Shawn Stevens

Shawn Stevens
Founder and Creative Director
Phoenician Order Music


With a background as both a trailer editor and music supervisor since 2010, Shawn Stevens started Phoenician Order Music in 2018 with the goal of creating fresh and unique music for the trailer industry. Five years later, Phoenician Order Music has been fortunate to become a go to custom music company for trailerizations, including placements in Ozark, Guardians of the Galaxy, Call of Duty, Where The Crawdads Sing, and a Grand Clio in 2022 for Made for Love.

In addition to Phoenician Order Music, Shawn also freelances as a trailer music supervisor, helping campaigns such as Past Lives, Joy Ride, Aftersun and Dangerous Liaisons. In his free time, he enjoys beach volleyball, surfing, and attending concerts.