Image of Miguel Bemfica

Miguel Bemfica
Chief Creative Officer

DUBAI, UAE // Miguel’s Brazilian background and international experience of working in 4 different countries has given him a good understanding of cultural nuances for both global and local campaigns.

He enjoys flexing global creative platforms that resonate in local markets in an authentic way. He also likes to explore the creative possibilities of a wide range of brands, from insurance companies, to beers, sexy cars and financial products, and he also tries to lead creative teams to bring those to life in the most engaging and unexpected ways. Throughout the years, these experiences have helped him win awards and businesses on all 4 countries he has worked in. This includes 2017 Grand Prix in Cannes for the Santander Bank.

His love for the industry has also led him to bring new and diverse talent into this business. This is why he founded one of the best creative schools in Latin America – Escola Cuca, which he has helped run since 2008. He is proud to have seen more than 5 thousand students, of all backgrounds and social classes, join the business through the doors of this school.

He is also a member of VML’s Global Creative Council.

As a good Brazilian, his favorite videogame is FIFA.