Entrant Company
Ogilvy Brasil
Digital/Mobile & Social Media Technique
User Experience
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Agency NetworkOgilvy & Mather
Holding CompanyWPP Group
Production CompanyHogarth, São Paulo
Advertiser BrandPetz, São Paulo
Advertising AgencyOgilvy Brasil, São Paulo
Entrant CompanyOgilvy Brasil, São Paulo
Production Company (additional)Hogarth Digital, Porto Alegre
Music/Sound CompanyPunch Audio, São Paulo
Production Company (additional)D2G Tecnologia, São Paulo
Photography StudioPic Estúdio, São Paulo
Chief Creative OfficerFélix del Valle / Ogilvy Brasil
Executive Creative DirectorMárcio Fritzen / Ogilvy Brasil
Creative DirectorEduardo Doss / Ogilvy Brasil
Associate Creative DirectorGuilherme Moreira / Ogilvy Brasil
Art DirectorDiego Wortmann / Ogilvy Brasil
Art DirectorEduardo Doss / Ogilvy Brasil
CopywriterGuilherme Moreira / Ogilvy Brasil
Motion DesignerEderson Vendramini / Ogilvy Brasil
Head of Integrated ProductionFabiano Beraldo / Ogilvy Brasil
ProducerAriama Aldore / Ogilvy Brasil
ProducerJuliana Henriques / Ogilvy Brasil
Project DirectorPriscilla Saikai / Ogilvy Brasil
Project ManagerBeto Campos / Ogilvy Brasil
Project InternBruna Lopes / Ogilvy Brasil
Head of ClientDenise Caruso / Ogilvy Brasil
Account ManagerPriscilla Gonçalves / Ogilvy Brasil
Executive Media DirectorAndré Gramorelli / Ogilvy Brasil
Media DirectorAdeildo Souza / Ogilvy Brasil
Media SupervisorMirella Battiloro / Ogilvy Brasil
Media AssistantEduarda Sander / Ogilvy Brasil
Media AssistantFilipe Bruno / Ogilvy Brasil
Head of Brand StrategyThais Frazão / Ogilvy Brasil
Planning DirectorRaphael Zem / Ogilvy Brasil
Planning SupervisorMurilo Toda / Ogilvy Brasil
EditorDeydson Rocha / Ogilvy Brasil
Comercial, Trade and Marketing DirectorLuciano Rocha Sessim / Petz
Marketing and CRM ManagerClaudia Villar Montini Cangane / Petz
Marketing Co-ordinatorAndré Luís Marinho / Petz
Scene DirectorDaniel Bontempo / Hogart
Executive DirectorGabriela Carvalho / Hogarth
Director Of PhotographyGabriela Rinaldi / Hogarth
Art DirectorRebeca Ukstin / Hogarth
First Assistant of DirectionCláudia Carvalho / Hogarth
AccountAlexandre Sakihara / Hogarth
AccountMárcia Coelho / Hogarth
ProducerCris Almeida / Hogarth
Producer AssistantKaroline Novais / Hogarth
Eîects SupervisorRicardo Kertesz / Hogarth
Finalist ArtDaniel Amaro / Hogarth
Finalist ArtJéssica Rodrigues / Hogarth
Special Eîects ArtistIuri Tampolski / Hogarth
Costume DesignerJuliana Mathias / Hogarth
PhotographerAle Torres / Pict Estudio
AccountLili D. Aragoni / Punch Audio
ProducerMariano Alvarez / Punch Audio
Producer CoordinatorCarol Oliveira / Punch Audio
Producer CoordinatorCristiane Oliveira / Punch Audio
Producer CoordinatorKarina Coviello / Punch Audio
Voice Over ArtistCristiano Pinheiro / Punch Audio
Business Director and Project ManagerDiego Von Brixen Montzel Trindade / D2G Tecnologia
Product Director and A.IGrégory Frizon Gusberti / D2G Tecnologia
Project ManagerNicole Pereira Citton / Hogarth Digital
Project ManagerMartina Nichel / Hogarth Digital
UI, UX DesignerGustavo Gonçalves / Hogarth Digital
UI, UX DesignerPedro Avila / Hogarth Digital
DeveloperThiago Fredes / Hogarth Digital
DeveloperIvan Cavalheiro / Hogarth Digital
DeveloperThais Bykoski / Hogarth Digital
DeveloperLucas Linhares / Hogarth Digital
DeveloperIgor Batista / Hogarth Digital
DeveloperLucas Lima / Hogarth Digital
DeveloperRafael Fonseca / Hogarth Digital
DeveloperAndré Telles / Hogarth Digital
DeveloperGabriel Matturo / Hogarth Digital
DeveloperGabriel Costa / Hogarth Digital
DeveloperRhadamez Gindi / Hogarth Digital
Business AnalystJoão Kuczynski / Hogarth Digital
Production LeadMichel Melchiors / Hogarth Digital
Digital Creative DirectorKarine Brasil / Hogarth Digital
Digital Production and Technology DirectorIuri Andreazza / Hogarth Digital

This 2019 Clio Awards Shortlisted entry titled 'Pet-commerce' was entered for Petz by Ogilvy Brasil, São Paulo. The advertising agency is part of the agency network: Ogilvy & Mather and holding company: WPP Group. The piece was submitted to the medium: Digital/Mobile & Social Media Technique within the entry type: Product/Service and the category: User Experience. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.