Build with Chrome

Digital/Mobile Technique
User Experience
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Entrant CompanyNorth Kingdom, Skellefteå
Agency NetworkM&C Saatchi/Mark, Sydney
OtherAgigen, Stockholm
Head of MarketingLucinda Barlow / Google, Australia & New Zealand
Product Marketing ManagerLockey McGrath / Google, Australia & New Zealand
Product Marketing ManagerGabi Conlon / Google, Australia & New Zealand
Product Marketing ManagerTom Pursey / Google, Asia-Pacific & New Zealand
Creative DirectorTom Uglow / Google
Director of MarketingCaroline Squire / ANZ LEGO, Australia & New Zealand
Creative Director, WriterHamish Stewart / M&C Saatchi/Mark, Sydney
Creative Director, Art DirectorJoshua Rowe / M&C Saatchi/Mark, Sydney
Art DirectorRob Concepcion / M&C Saatchi/Mark, Sydney
Art DirectorChris Little / M&C Saatchi/Mark, Sydney
WriterBen Yabsley / M&C Saatchi/Mark, Sydney
Account ServiceAmy Friedlander / M&C Saatchi/Mark, Sydney
Planning DirectorDan Pankraz / M&C Saatchi/Mark, Sydney
OtherChris Coward / M&C Saatchi/Mark, Sydney
OtherNathan McKean / M&C Saatchi/Mark, Sydney
OtherKaya Hatcher / North Kingdom, Stockholm
Art and design DirectorRobert Lindström / North Kingdom, Stockholm
Executive Creative DirectorDavid Eriksson / North Kingdom, Skellefteå
User Experience DirectorAlfredo Aponte / North Kingdom, Stockholm
Technical DirectorKlas Kroon / North Kingdom, Växsjö
DesignerJonas Eriksson / North Kingdom, Stockholm
ProgrammerLars Alin / North Kingdom, Skellefteå
3D DesignerMathias Lindgren / North Kingdom, Göteborg
3D DesignerFelíx Hill / North Kingdom, Stockholm
Client DirectorRoger Stighäll / North Kingdom, Skellefteå
Juniour designerJim Olofsson / North Kingdom, Stockholm

This 2013 Clio Awards Bronze winning entry is titled 'Build with Chrome' . The piece was submitted to the medium: Digital/Mobile Technique within the entry type: Technique and the category: User Experience. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.