New Fairies

Entrant Company
Stink Films
Film Craft (Direction)
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Agency NetworkWieden+Kennedy
Production CompanyStink Films, São Paulo
Advertiser BrandNike, São Paulo
Advertising AgencyWieden+Kennedy, São Paulo
Entrant CompanyStink Films, São Paulo
Audio CompanySupersonica, São Paulo
DirectorThe Fridman Sisters / Stink Films
CinematographerDouglas Bernardt / Stink Films
Art DirectorCarol Ozzi / Stink Films
Director AssistantGustavo Gusmão / Stink Films
Director AssistantNathalia Salani / Stink Films
Director AssistantLuísa Monteiro / Stink Films
Director AssistantFred Tariki / Stink Films
Director AssistantJulia Conatti / Stink Films
2º UnitPedro Tejada / Stink Films
WardrobeMarina Vieira / Stink Films
Make & HairMarcella Leme Ferreira / Stink Films
Cast ProducerGiovanna Rouvier / Stink Films
Location ProducerEduardo Lima / Stink Films
Director ProducerRafael Rocha / Stink Films
Skate SupervisorFernando Granja / Stink Films
Managing DirectorIngrid Raszl / Stink Films
Executive ProducerRenata Dumont / Stink Films
Executive ProducerCarolina Junqueira / Stink Films
Executive ProducerTico Cruz / Stink Films
Executive ProducerCamila Martinez / Stink Films
Executive Producer AssistantMarcela Amstalden / Stink Films
Executive Producer AssistantAna Gazal / Stink Films
Production CoordinatorPaula Macedo / Stink Films
Production CoordinatorMariana Kerche / Stink Films
Production CoordinatorAmanda Grell / Stink Films
Post Production CoordinatorRoberta Bruzadin / Stink Films
Post Production CoordinatorMarcela Antunes / Stink Films
EditorDanilo Abraham / Stink Films
Post ProducerCamila Doimo / Stink Films
Post ProductionMalaia Inc. / Malaia Inc.
Illustration and AnimationCartel Cartoon / Stink Films
Color GradingOsmar Jr. / Stink Films
AudioSupersonica / Supersonica
Executive Creative DirectorEduardo Lima / Wieden+Kennedy
Executive Creative DirectorRenato Simões / Wieden+Kennedy
Creative DirectorMariana Borga / Wieden+Kennedy
Creative DirectorFabiano Higashi / Wieden+Kennedy
CopywriterAndré Pallu / Wieden+Kennedy
Art DirectorRenan Molin / Wieden+Kennedy
Art DirectorCacá Barabás / Wieden+Kennedy
Account ExecutiveCamila Hamaoui / Wieden+Kennedy
Account ExecutiveNathalia Assad / Wieden+Kennedy
Account ExecutiveTabata Viana / Wieden+Kennedy
Account ExecutiveCarolina Cavallini / Wieden+Kennedy
Account ExecutiveBruno Capasso / Wieden+Kennedy
Account ExecutivePaula Galiano / Wieden+Kennedy
PlannerAndré Troster / Wieden+Kennedy
PlannerFernando Prado / Wieden+Kennedy
PlannerLucas Nunes / Wieden+Kennedy
Social StrategyThiago Perin / Wieden+Kennedy
Social StrategyCamila Paier / Wieden+Kennedy
Social StrategyMarina Coelho / Wieden+Kennedy
MediaMichelle Fernandes / Wieden+Kennedy
MediaIuellen Souza / Wieden+Kennedy
MediaTheodora Mello / Wieden+Kennedy
MediaLucas Seigo / Wieden+Kennedy
Agency ProducerRegiani Pettinelli / Wieden+Kennedy
Agency ProducerFernanda Moura / Wieden+Kennedy
Music Producer, Orchestrator and and ConductorGabriel Ferreira / Supersonica
Audio AccountTatiana Nascimento / Supersonica
Audio AccountLuan Ferreira / Supersonica
Audio CoordinationMarilia Franco / Supersonica
Audio CoordinationCassia Garcia / Supersonica
Orchestra SupervisorRafael Cesário / Supersonica
Sound EngineerFelipe Kim / Supersonica
Sound DesignVinicius Villani / Supersonica
Client ApprovalRaphael Peres / Nike
Client ApprovalFabio Albuquerque / Nike
Client ApprovalIngrid Ferreira / Nike
Client ApprovalLivia Pinheiro / NIke

This 2022 Clio Awards Shortlisted entry titled 'New Fairies' was entered for Nike by Stink Films , São Paulo. The advertising agency is part of the agency network: Wieden+Kennedy. The piece was submitted to the medium: Film Craft (Direction) within the entry type: Product/Service and the category: Direction. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.