Strongbow Apple Cider

A Nature Dream

Entrant Company
The Mill
Film Technique (Visual Effects)
Visual Effects
Entry Type
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Production CompanySonny London, London
Advertiser / BrandStrongbow Apple Cider, London
Entrant CompanyThe Mill, Los Angeles
Post Production CompanyThe Mill, Los Angeles
Facility Company Kinema Films Mexico
Advertising AgencyCloudfactory, Amsterdam
EditorialMarshall Street Editors, London
ProducerLars Fabery De Jonge / Cloudfactory, Amsterdam
Creative PartnerSandrine Huijgen / Cloudfactory, Amsterdam
3D Artist Sean Durnan / The Mill
3D Artist Shaun Comly  / The Mill
3D ArtistZiye Liu / The Mill
3D ArtistJacob Bergman / The Mill
3D ArtistErik Zimmermann / The Mill
3D ArtistAhmed Elmatarawi / The Mill
3D ArtistBerk Hakguder / The Mill
3D ArtistCharles Storniolo / The Mill
3D ArtistZiming Liu  / The Mill
3D ArtistChase Webb / The Mill
3D ArtistRobert Chapman / The Mill
3D ArtistCory Cosper / The Mill
3D ArtistBridget Warrington / The Mill
3D ArtistBlake Guest / The Mill
3D ArtistJason Jansky / The Mill
3D ArtistDanny Garcia / The Mill
3D ArtistMichael Lori  / The Mill
3D Artist Jenna Kind  / The Mill
3D Artist Alice Panek  / The Mill
3D ArtistJuan Zavala / The Mill
3D ArtistFreddy Para / The Mill
3D ArtistSteven Olson / The Mill
3D ArtistSamantha Pedregon / The Mill
Matte PaintingRasha Shalaby / The Mill
Matte Painting Itai Muller / The Mill
Concept ArtistNathan McKenna / The Mill
Concept Artist Krystal Sae Eua / The Mill
Executive Producer, ColourThatcher Peterson / The Mill
Color ProducerDiane Valera / The Mill
Production Coordinator, ColorRobert Cohen  / The Mill
ColouristAdam Scott / The Mill
Creative PartnerJessica Kersten / Cloudfactory, Amsterdam
Account Steven Beukers / Cloudfactory, Amsterdam
AccountOlivia Koning / Cloudfactory, Amsterdam
DirectorFredrik Bond / Sonny London
Asset LeadChris Goodrich / The Mill
FX LeadPhill Mayer  / The Mill
2D Artist Jacob Bergman / The Mill
2D ArtistDaniel Lang / The Mill
2D ArtistBen Smith / The Mill
2D ArtistRemedy Huynh / The Mill
2D ArtistMartin Karlsson / The Mill
3D Lead ArtistDavid Lawson / The Mill
2D Lead ArtistBecky Porter / The Mill
ProducerAlex Bader / The Mill
Executive ProducerLeighton Greer / The Mill
EditorPatric Ryan / Marshall Street Editors, London
Executive ProducerJose Ludlow / Kinema Films Mexico
Art DirectorElliott Hostetter / Sonny London
Director of PhotographyHoyte Van Hoytema / Sonny London
ProducerAlicia Richards / Sonny London
Executive ProducerHelen Kenny / Sonny London
Production CoordinatorSamantha Hernandez / The Mill

This 2017 Clio Awards Shortlisted entry titled 'A Nature Dream' was entered for Strongbow Apple Cider by The Mill, Los Angeles. The piece was submitted to the medium: Film Technique (Visual Effects) within the entry type: Product/Service and the category: Visual Effects. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.