Getty Images, fiftyfifty (magazine for homeless people)

Repicturing Homeless

Entrant Company
Havas Germany
Public Relations
Cause Related
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Agency NetworkHavas Worldwide
Holding CompanyHavas
Production CompanyHavas Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf
Advertiser BrandGetty Images DevCo Deutschland GmbH, Munich
Entrant CompanyHavas Germany, Düsseldorf
Production Company (additional)Chamaeleon Digital Vision GmbH, Düsseldorf
Production Company (additional)Studio Funk GmbH & Co KG, Düsseldorf
CCO Group Germany, ECD EuropeEric Schoeffler / Havas Germany
CCO Düsseldorf, ECD Digital EuropeDarren Richardson / Havas Düsseldorf
Creative DirectorJuan Leguizamon / Havas Düsseldorf
Creative / Art DirectorTiago Beltrame / Havas Düsseldorf
Creative / CopywriterNian He / Havas Düsseldorf
Management SupervisorDaniel Grube / Havas Düsseldorf
Senior Account ManagerAnna Berg / Havas Düsseldorf
ProducerJulian Dormis / Havas Düsseldorf
Junior Art Director MotionDominic Rutkowski / Havas Düsseldorf
Digital Creative OfficerGuido Eichhoff / Havas Düsseldorf
Digital ConcepterErik Teichert / Havas Düsseldorf
Digital Art DirectorAdrian Warren / Havas Düsseldorf
Head of Digital Print ServicePeter Holzportz / Havas Düsseldorf
Final ArtworkDavid Ochsenknecht / Havas Düsseldorf
Final ArtworkJonas Boamah / Havas Düsseldorf
PhotographerFrank Schemmann / Das Studio
Managing DirectorOliver Rudolph / Chamaeleon Digital Vision
DirectorKevin Krefta / Chamaeleon Digital Vision
ProducerChristian Käutner / Chamaeleon Digital Vision
EditorNico Dupon / Chamaeleon Digital Vision
EditorRouben Pohl / Chamaeleon Digital Vision
EditorKai Wittkamp / Chamaeleon Digital Vision
Motion GraphicsRonny Bülow / Chamaeleon Digital Vision
Motion GraphicsHendrik Vosskamp / Chamaeleon Digital Vision
ColoristArne Hottgenroth / Chamaeleon Digital Vision
ComposerFranco Tortora / Mona Davis Beat
ComposerWoepf Lechenmayr / Mona Davis Beat
ComposerTom Batoy / Mona Davis Beat
ComposerRaffael Karg / Mona Davis Beat
Studio ManagerTobias Grumbach / Studio Funk
Sound EngineerMichael Righetti / Studio Funk
Project ManagementStefanie Schneider / Studio Funk
Voice OverStephen Hudson / Studio Funk
Hair & Make-up ArtistBarbara Lange / Nina Klein Artist Management
Hair & Make-up ArtistTina Schmoll / Nina Klein Artist Management
Hair & Make-up ArtistFranziska Sonnabend / Nina Klein Artist Management
StylingNina Jasny / Nina Klein Artist Management
StylingChristina Schuller / Nina Klein Artist Management

This 2018 Clio Awards Silver winning entry titled 'Repicturing Homeless' was entered for Getty Images, fiftyfifty (magazine for homeless people) by Havas Germany, Düsseldorf. The advertising agency is part of the agency network: Havas Worldwide and holding company: Havas. The piece was submitted to the medium: Public Relations within the entry type: Product/Service and the category: Cause Related. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.