Image of Maura Duval Griffin

Maura Duval Griffin
Director of Business Development and Music Licensing

LOS ANGELES, USA // After over a decade working as a music supervisor for the marketing campaigns for some of the top-grossing films from Fox, Universal, Warner Bros, Disney and others, Maura Duval Griffin joined the team at acclaimed boutique trailer music library Audiomachine as the Director of Business Development and Music Licensing. Working with a small team of composers, Maura helps to build Audiomachine’s high end orchestral music catalog and custom compositions, crafted with blockbuster franchises in mind.

Maura is also a busy freelance music supervisor who works with a variety of creative agencies in Los Angeles, New York and London on movie trailers, TV promos, video game trailers and anything else that comes her way. A proud member of the Guild of Music Supervisors with over 20 years experience in the music industry, including time served in college radio, record retail, sales and distribution, and marketing, Maura brings a broad perspective and a deep appreciation for the process of putting music to picture.