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  • 2024 Clio Health Awards

    Winners Announced
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2024 Clio Health

Featured Winners
  • Amsterdam


    Water Drinks Gatorade Thumbnail
    PepsiCo - Gatorade
    Water Drinks Gatorade
    Entrant Company 180 Amsterdam
    Medium Branded Entertainment & Content (Lifestyle, Wellness & Over-the-Counter)
    Category Film - Scripted
    Entry Type Products & Devices
  • New York City


    Nativa Meter Thumbnail
    Bavaria-AB InBev
    Nativa Meter
    Entrant Company L&C
    Medium Design Craft (Consumer Brand Health Initiative)
    Category ‌Other
  • Madrid


    Dogs Without Borders Thumbnail
    KDOG/SFBO (Sociedade Franco Brasileira de Oncologia)
    Dogs Without Borders
    Entrant Company VML
    Medium Partnerships & Collaborations (Health Awareness & Advocacy)
    Category Partnerships & Collaborations
  • Miraflores


     The unexpected bargain Thumbnail
    Entrant Company McCann Lima
    Medium Health Equity
    Category Health Equity
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