Image of Ana Balarin

Ana Balarin
Executive Creative Director & Partner

LONDON, UK // Ana joined Mother, as an intern, in February 2007. Over the last decade she rose rapidly through the agency’s ranks, becoming, alongside her partner, Mother’s first ever Executive Creative Director in 2015.

In addition to sitting on its management team, Ana oversees all of Mother's creative output, for clients such as IKEA, KFC and Stella Artois. She also works to ensure that the agency uses its powers for good, steering projects like FreeTheFeed, which broke taboos around breastfeeding in public, and 54k, which lobbied government for maternity rights in the workplace.

From London’s Design Museum, to Sundance Film Festival, her work for Mother has been exhibited and recognised within the industry and beyond. In the past few years, Ana has been ranked amongst the top 10 creative leaders in the UK, and was nominated by AdAge one of the 30 Creativity All Stars of 2019.