Image of Katherine Kubler

Katherine Kubler
Executive Creative Director
Tiny Dino

LOS ANGELES, USA // Katherine Kubler is the Founder and Executive Creative Director of Tiny Dino, a Los Angeles based Creative Agency specializing in Entertainment Marketing. She has worked on over 70 film campaigns, creating content for digital marketing.

She founded Tiny Dino in 2016 after working in-house at Paramount Pictures in the Digital Marketing department as a Film & Digital Media Production Specialist.

She entered the world of digital marketing right when it was becoming a “thing” and has enjoyed seeing the whirlwind of opportunities that have presented themselves to marketers as the digital landscape has evolved.

Tiny Dino bootstrapped it’s way into the big leagues by creating the first completely 360o behind-the-scenes featurette for Mission: Impossible - Fallout which won a Clio for Theatrical: Digital/Mobile in Virtual/Augmented Reality and was named Ad of the Day by Adweek.

She continues to work on the cusp of new technologies in the digital world to find new and innovative ways to engage audiences.

She lives in Pasadena with her husband and Tiny Dino co-owner, Kyle Kubler, and her 5lb Yorkshire Terrier, Jack. Her favorite past-time is copywriting while drinking whiskey and listening to Edith Piaf.