Image of Lydia Winters

Lydia Winters
Chief Brand Officer

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN // Lydia Winters is Mojang’s Chief Brand Officer, leading the worldwide strategy and direction of one of the most recognizable brands today, Minecraft. She works closely with many large projects across the Minecraft brand, including partnerships, the Minecraft movie with Warner Bros, overarching creative direction for the Studios, and more.

She moved from Florida to Stockholm to work on Minecraft, without visiting Europe prior to the move. With no formal training in the industry (brand, marketing, or games), she has moved through the company based on her love of Minecraft and the desire to build the brand in the most authentic way possible. Joining the team as the 8th employee, her work on Minecraft has been integral to its success and she continues to bring her enthusiasm and dedication to her work and the company.

She is passionate about using Minecraft to build a better world and create a tangible difference in the world. Lydia serves as a role model to women in the gaming/tech industry and has been recognized in Sweden (Future Women Leaders) and the United States (Forbes 30 under 30) for her outstanding work.

As the first woman working at Mojang, she has constantly advocated for making Mojang more inclusive and has diligently worked to promote gender equality through Minecraft.

She has been involved in Mojang’s joint programme with UN Habitat since its inception, Block by Block, which takes her on travels visiting many of the sites of projects using Minecraft to affect change and redesign public space in developing areas around the world. She currently serves as the Mojang advisor to the Block by Block Foundation.

She continues to be a spokesperson for Minecraft by hosting the annual event MINECON Live, she unveiled Minecraft Earth on stage at Apple’s WWDC Keynote, and she speaks at many conferences and events around the world.