Image of Michelle Czukar

Michelle Czukar
Senior Editor
Rooster Post Production

TORONTO, CANADA // Long recognized as one of Canada’s premier commercial editors, Michelle Czukar originally gained international notoriety with her impressive resumé of music videos for artists such as Marilyn Manson, Sigur Ros, The Cure and the legendary, David Bowie. Her keen sense of aesthetics coupled with her imagination and style are notable in her strong body of work.

Today, she is regarded as one of the top creative editors in the Toronto market. Michelle has collaborated on many iconic brands from The Perlorian Brothers Cannes Awarded Vim “Prison Visitor,” Mark Malloy’s “First Skate” for Canadian Tire and most recently White Ribbon directed by Hubert Davis which garnered a Pencil for Creative Excellence in Editing at the One Show in 2019.

On par with her love of Prosecco and late night dancing, her passion for the craft of editing continues to push her to deliver top quality creative work.