Image of Tajj Badil-Abish

Tajj Badil-Abish
Goodby Silverstein & Partners

SAN FRANCISCO, USA // Jorge Tajj Badil-Abish is just as much of an enigma as his name suggests. This industry calls him a copywriter. His friends call him for help writing their Instagram captions. His mom calls him her “silly rabbit.” You can call him Tajj.

Hailing originally from Texas, Tajj now resides in good ole foggy California (San Francisco) where he began his career at FCBWest working on clients like Clorox, Hotwire and The Ad Council.

Currently, he’s at Goodby Silverstein & Partners where he binge-concepts ideas for Comcast/Xfinity, shoots headlines from deep for the Golden State Warriors, sips on scripts with the Boston Beer Company and occasionally stays up late thinking about Rockstar Energy.

In 2019, he was recognized as an ADCOLOR Future and as a participant of the Cannes Lions Creative Academy. He acknowledges it was a strong year overall, but that also might be because 2020 was well…