Image of Fred  Liedtke

Fred Liedtke
EVP, Group Creative Director
Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

NEW YORK, USA // 28+ years of experience creating and leading the creation of unique experiences in a wide range of mediums, channels, and industry verticals. I have had the good fortune of working with many talented people, building great creative teams, and partnering with great clients on a wide range of brands.

Sprint, Diageo, Panasonic, Crisco, Pillsbury, Aquafresh, America's Natural Gas Alliance, Canon, Tanqueray, Abbott Labs, Devon Energy, Embridge, Purolator, Bosch, Vail Properties, Beaver Creek, Frontier Airlines, Bumble Bee, Smuckers, Darden Foods, Invisalign, 3M, Walmart Health, Abbvie, Sanofi, GSK University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 3M, Walmart Health, Abbvie, Sanofi, GSK, Optune Technology, P&G Oral Care, and a few others along the way.

I enjoy learning about how companies operate and the products and services they offer, who they offer them to, helping them to define why they exist, and creating brand experiences designed to uniquely fulfill that promise.

For the last seven years, at Publicis Health, have been using emotional storytelling, data technology, and unconventional integrated brand building to help health and wellness brands make a difference in the world for physicians and their patients. The breakthroughs in science, interactive tech, and real-time data integration make it an exciting time to be in healthcare.