Image of Robyn  Tenenbaum

Robyn Tenenbaum
Creative Director
Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP)

PORTLAND, USA // A native Texan turned Chicagoan, Coloradoan, now Pacific Northwester, Robyn is currently a Creative Director at BSSP. Over the course of her career, Robyn has worked with the likes of Nike, ESPN, and most recently, has led several socially impactful campaigns for Blue Shield of California (BSC). From calling out gender bias in the healthcare industry (no small feat!) to working with tennis legend, Venus Williams, to highlight real-life stories of women being ignored, gaslit and misdiagnosed by doctors.

A passionate sports fan, Robyn’s work with sports industry giants has made waves in the industry. She was a part of the team that worked on Nike’s Mamba Mentality Week paying tribute to Kobe Bryant. Earned recognition for her work with Nike highlighting female athletes and their contributions to the world of sports as part of an International Women’s Day Campaign. She also helped Nike create, write and record the sports podcast, The Athlete’s Mindset.

While at BSSP, Robyn has been integral in a new campaign for ESPN that’s launching soon which builds off last year’s One App, One Tap campaign - the new spot will feature a new, original rap song written by Robyn, herself.