Image of Phil Gurthrie

Phil Gurthrie
Creative Director / Founder
Two Fresh Creative

LOS ANGELES, USA // Two Fresh Creative was founded in 2016 by Los Angeles based Creative Director Phil Guthrie. Prior to opening its doors, Phil had a long stint at Mirada/Motion Theory, The Mill, and other well respected studios around LA. After he proved himself with a flawless delivery of a multi-spot campaign for AT&T’s campaign,“RethinkPossible”atMirada/Motion Theory, he helped to create a new image for Exxon Mobil with yet another multi-spot campaign,“EnergyLivesHere”.Phil played an integral part in conceptualizing and bringing to life a combination of live action with graphics integration using multiple applications. Phil was also given the opportunity to collaborate on Academy Award winning director Guillermo Del Toro’s 2013 blockbuster film“PacificRim”, helping with the concepting for the prologue.

As music videos have always been passion of Phil’s, he was very excited when Mirada asked for his artistic expertise as a creative lead once again for two major projects - videos for CapitalCities’ “SafeandSound”and KatyPerry’s “Roar”.The Safe and Sound video went on to win a VMA and was Grammy nominated for best Music Video. After the success on this project, Phil moved onto“Roar”, which now has over 2.6 Billion views. It was after these successful projects that Phil wanted to try to mix it up and tap into some new directions. He art directed an entirely CG/design spot for Women's World Cup and won a Gold Pro max BDA for Art Direction. The spot used a well known painter from Europe and was then realized on screen through visual elements that he helped shoot in studio as mattes to bring the creative to life.

The visionPhilhasforTwoFreshCreativeistobeapartofprojectsthateveryoneisproudof. Part of this vision is the way he runs the studio, with awards given internally for creativity. When the team is in between projects or just needs break, they are encouraged to work on internal creative projects-“Freshies”-as to give the artists extra outlets to keep their minds fresh.

ThebenefitofaCreativeDirectorowneristhatheknowshowtofacilitateenvironmentstogetthe best work from individuals, and will do everything to create something that he is proud to say is created by TwoFresh.