Image of Maximilian Florian Schöngen

Maximilian Florian Schöngen
Global Creative Lead
Mediaplus Group

HAMBURG, GERMANY // A creative with a strong strategic background. He strongly believes in the power of a good story. And that’s what he does. Always aiming to find the right story for a brand to tell. His stories have been awarded by the Cannes Lions, Andy‘s, NYF, Webby Awards, CLIO, LIA, One Show, AME, ADC, Cresta, Red dot and what not.

He started his career at think, worked 8,5 years at Serviceplan as Global Creative strategist and member of the creative board and was recently appointed Global Creative Lead for the Mediaplus Group. He’s pursuing his self imposed mission of making Mediaplus the world’s most creative media agency. One day.

He repositioned global brands and worked across all industries from automotive to FMCG to telecommunications. He is a jury member of the ADC Global, Executive Jury of the New York Festivals, and the German Film Academy.

“Life is about learning. Not only is it an incredible honour to be selected to join the CLIO Media Jury, I would also like to learn from my peers in the jury and from the work we judge to foster and cultivate better and more creative work in media. And maybe I can add a little something to the diverse group of judges.”