Image of Chip Herter

Chip Herter
VP, Music Director
Deutsch LA

LOS ANGELES, USA // With just over a decade in the game, Chip Herter is no stranger to the world of music and creativity. As Music Director at Deutsch LA, Herter is credited as the mastermind behind the music and sounds for iconic campaigns for marquee clients, such as Taco Bell, Dr Pepper, Lowe’s, Nintendo, and Walmart to name a few.

With the evolution of sound in advertising pushing music to the forefront, Herter’s work on the return of Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza, in partnership with multi-award winning singer/rapper Doja Cat has become some of his most notable achievements to date. Ushering in the brand’s return to the Super Bowl after a five-year hiatus, Herter oversaw the musical partnership, culminating in an epic mic-drop moment with Doja Cat announcing the return of the Mexican pizza at Coachella 2022. Herter has also been integral to the strategic development of Lowe’s sonic branding, producing a custom brand mnemonic, sonic toolkit and custom music library specific to the brand’s sonic values.