Image of Mandie van der  Merwe

Mandie van der Merwe
Denstu Creative

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA // Mandie is the joint Chief Creative Officer at Dentsu Creative, Australia. Over the last 18 years, she has worked on 3 continents and been recognised over 200 times at local and international award shows, including Clios, Cannes, D&AD, One Show and more.

After graduating from art school, Mandie, much to the chagrin of her purist art friends, sold her soul to advertising. But, over time, she’s bought it back. The payment has been made, painstakingly, with an ideal that we can change business and social problems with great ideas and the care to execute them beautifully. It is this belief that has guided her work on Tourism Australia, Fox Sports, Nando’s, Tourism New Zealand, MINI and Go Gentle Australia.

Beyond the world of advertising, Mandie is an enthusiastic ceramicist and hopes, one day, to own a kiln and have the time to use it.