Image of Tanja Crnogorac

Tanja Crnogorac
Executive Strategy Director
Landor & Fitch

TOKYO, JAPAN // Born in Sarajevo, raised in Edmonton , growing curious in the East, having had the pleasure of living in Shanghai, Singapore and now Tokyo. Today, Tanja is an Executive Strategy Director for Landor & Fitch based in Tokyo, leading strategic projects across the APAC region.

Tanja is a connector, builder, and idea-shaper. Working across categories; from automotive, fashion, beauty, to banking, telco, and airlines brands, she has the pleasure of working up-stream on building the foundations of brand, and downstream to activating brands in the real world. In all this, the common thread has already been unlocking the power of brand.

When she’s not solving problems, you can find her running, playing tennis, traveling, eating pizza and drinking good wine.