Image of Malte  Schlieker

Malte Schlieker
Head of Post Production
27 Kilometer

HAMBURG, GERMANY // Malte firmly believes that post-production is not there to fix, but to perform miracles. Since 2009 Malte has worked as a freelance editor, motion designer and VFX artist. In 2016 he found a home at 27KM, where he heads the post production department and works as a post producer and post supervisor. Since then, his workplace has evolved from a small digital-only content production company to a holistic and diversified one. As the team and projects grew, Malte oversaw a variety of clients including Lufthansa, BMW, McDonalds, Red Bull and Zalando. Each of them brought new creative challenges that Malte embraced wholeheartedly. Malte loves assembling the right teams to make projects the best versions (pun intended) of themselves. His creative spirit helps him keep things light and committed at the same time, so even the wildest project ends up cuddly as a kitten.